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catching up

hey everyone. I've been taking a little break from the blog, in both personal & my shop. Working on lots of kits for July & a few other things on the side, trying to give my kids some attention... you know, just being summer lazy. Here's the basic highlights happening around here since I've been here last, we finished Lydia's tball "season" {4 games}, we finished Evan's regular baseball season {they finished 3rd in their final tournament}, we celebrated Evan's 11th birthday & Dan & I celebrated our 19th anniversary! Oh & lots of hanging out at home & swimming in our pool.

not too exciting. We usually don't get around to too much until the baseball season is over & we're now scrambling to fit in a mini vaca with the kids to a local waterpark with some friends. It's kinda hard for Dan to get away from work right now, so a few days is all we're going to get this summer. Should be lots of fun though.

Something else I'm personally working on is cleaning up my eating. After a couple months of baseball & some celebrations with beer {& a few martinis} my stomach is looking a little more "eh" than I'd like. Not that it's ever been super model quality... haha! But seriously, after working hard in the early part of the year to do more whole foods & not so much processed, I could tell a pretty big difference in my ab area. Not so much soft & more definition. I've been back at about a week or so & am definitely starting to see the change. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be back to where I started. No more beer for me for a while ;)

not the best illustration, since I have 3 different suits on here, but the first was in January, the second in March when I'd been doing my "clean eating" for a while & the third was mid June. In all the pictures I'm either the same weight or within 2 pounds.

So it's lots of oatmeal, chicken, greek yogurt, fruit & veggies & smoothies for this girl! Oh & I've been really consistent over the last 6 months with doing 3-4 miles at least 5 days a week & have recently been trying to add more ab & leg work also & sometimes some jump rope added in!

My fave treats right now: oatmeal with peanut butter, honey & cinnamon mixed in or frozen bananas blended with PB2 {powdered peanut butter}, cocoa, whey powder & almond milk {it's like a milkshake!}

ok, enough randomness... have a great day!


Reader Comments (1)

Yes! Totally agree- Clean eating is great for me too, I feel at my best, SO glad i saw this post as you have inspired me tighten up those eating habits!

07.22.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Wathen

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