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new at the Company 4.12

well, it's nearly the middle of April... a few days ago we were having 70ish degree weather... today? with the wind chill it's the mid 30s. ugh. oh well, guess spring will arrive sometime {I hope}. I have some new kits in the shop today. I've had fun doing a few different things & I hope you like them too!

you know I love making the Snippets. Love their versatility to use with about anything... & I have a weakness for different sayings. I've collected quotes for a long time, which served me well when I used to do calligraphy a lot. I also love making Project Life type things for you all {since I can never seem to get it together myself} but I do very much enjoy looking at all the great stuff you create :) Remember these are 30% off through Sunday! enjoy :)

by {becca dickson} see? the weather! crazy, but aren't they cute?

by {claudia harvey} using the Snippets & the Dated kits with the Go kit {how perfect!}

by {me} sorry if that photo is tmi.{& the story below really has nothing to do with my new releases}

...and so begins my rambling

for anyone that's known me over the last few years you know I've been doing weight watchers, I reached my goal weight & became a lifetime member & have kept that weight off for over a year. It's been a struggle. I've been in the process of shopping for swim suits & started taking a few shots from my phone so I could ponder my choices {I know, weird}. But in the process, I found myself berating this & that. Seeing everything wrong. But then, I saw a pic my son took of me last summer. Although I've not really lost any more weight {within 5 pounds} I noticed the differences in my stomach in the 9 months since that picture. I could tell my stomach muscles have toned & pulled in tighter. It made me realize the things I'm doing everyday ARE making a change. There are many days I'm still not happy with my body {I am a woman after all}, but I try my very best to see the positive things. I know I've worked hrd & will continue to work hard for what my body is right now & I'm proud of where I'm at. I always think there is room for improvement & so now I'm really focused not so much on losing any more weight but exercising to make my body better that way. I have to confess, I really did not do exercise while I was losing the weight. I focused a LOT on my diet & it felt to me that was all I could handle at the time. That was fine, but now I feel like I'm really seeing things changing even more for the better. I used to HATE to exercise. Some types of exercise I still hate to do, but I have my trusty treadmill & my headphones hooked to my iPhone & my Kindle with a book & for 45 minutes to an hour almost every.single.day I just get lost in it. Sometimes I just walk, sometimes I run & walk, just depends how I'm feeling. But I do it. I'm hooked. If I don't get to it I feel a little lost. It really is an escape. Something I know I'm doing for myself & no one else. Ok. enough of my babble. Anyway... I guess what I'm saying is just begin. You won't be sorry. Even the little changes really are changing you :)



new in the shop

hey there! I'm giving you an update on some new goodies in the shop this week...

have you seen the April Company Stash? today is the last day to grab it at 30% off so hurry over to pick up as much as you can! Everything is so awesome! Here were my contributions...

by {becca dickson}

by {celeste smith}

by {janell nugent}

by {jen papadimitriou}

by {kelly mobley}

I also brought back a kit from a while ago... actually I've changed them a little & improved the quality...I'm loving them so much more & I hope you love them too!

I'm offering 40% off the Let's Go State Labels through Sunday, April 7th with code 50states

by {kelley mobley}

& finally for my release for today... another Keeping Tabs set! Weekday Files. Perfect for your Project Life & I've included the digital .png files as well as setting up .pdf files too, so you can use them digi or paper! These are 30% off until Sunday, April 7th as well!

by {becca dickson}


new releases 3.29

Happy almost Easter everyone! I have a few new things for you this week...


now for a little inspiration...

by {becca dickson}

by {shelley haganman}

+ a flash sale is happening JUST TODAY!
50% off the Cottontail
Full Kit
Journal Cards

grab 'em up at a great price & be ready to scrapbook your Easter memories!

use code HappyEaster

Our kids are finally out for their Easter break {they had to make up a snow day yesterday} & the weather is looking up! Hopefully that means we can squeeze in a egg hunt this weekend. We always host my family Easter {& Dan's if they are able to make the trips back}, so tomorrow we'll have the family for lunch. Then Sunday we'll attend our Easter mass with the family & hopefully do some relaxing the rest of the day. Do you celebrate Easter? If so, do you get to spend it with your family? Regardless, here's hoping you have an enjoyable weekend!



new releases 3.22

phew! what a crazy few weeks it's been around here! between work & what seemed like an over abundance of birthday celebrations {we had lots of fun, by the way}, I was more than ready to get into my normal, non birthday party planning, house cleaning, cake making routine. And then, I realized... Easter is only a short time away {we host our families at our home every year}. Gah! We love having our family together, but what was really getting my crazy was that I hadn't even gotten started on an Easter kit! So, I set the kit I was thinking of to the side for a bit to draw up some illustrations for my newest release: Cottontail. I hope you like it...

you can also get the patterns+elements HERE

& as a little bonus... if you fill your cart with at least $5 worth of any products in my store, you'll get this kit for FREE {oh yeh!} good through Sunday ;)

& now, check out some inspiration...

by {kelly mobley}

by {sarah hemmert}

by {becca dickson}

by {claudia harvey}

by {linda roos}

by {rachel alles}

by {becca dickson}

by {me}

hope you have a great weekend! seems that instead of spring-like weather, we're up for another winter storm this weekend. oh yay! not. I think we're all ready for anything warm around here. We've been tricking ourselves, Dan, Lydia & Evan have been playing catch outside, so ready to start baseball. We've been grilling on our porch. Collin started golf practice, but they've yet to actually make it to the golf course. Oh well, I guess all good things come to those who wait? Let's hope so!

Rememeber you can pick up all the Cottontail kits for 30% off through Sunday!



she's 6


today. she's six. she's gone from our tiny little peanut to a long legged blondie, her daddy's "sugar". she's loud. she's happy. she's sassy. she's lovable. she's a smart cookie. she's funny. she's weird. she's overdramatic. she's quirky. she's outgoing. she's magnetic. I think she has just about everyone she knows wrapped around her little finger {even her brothers, who will never admit it}.

right now...

she has 2 baby teeth lost.

she can tie her own shoes.

she can read pretty darn well.

she knows her way around an iPhone & iPad.

she sings EVERYTHING.

she loves school.

she loves chocolate milk.

she likes chicken patties with ketchup.

she loves donuts.

she loves Baked Lays.

she likes pineapple the best.

she tortures the dog & her brothers.

she hates sleeping in her bed.

she loves Sponge Bob.

she love lounging in her jammies.

she still carries around her pink blankie she got the day she was born.

she hates when she doesn't get to go to school.

that's our girl, in a nutshell, at 6.

Sunday we had a family lunch to celebrate. She chose spaghetti & fruit salad, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & chocolate ice cream. Tonight we'll head for supper to Happy Joe's where she can toot the birthday horn & play games & eat pizza. Finally this Sunday, she gets to have some girls from her class over for mani-pedis & a tea party. I know, it's dragging on, but this girl seriously LOVES her birthday. My parents always made a pretty big deal out of our birthday's growing up & it was something I always cherished. I love doing the same for our kids.

we love you Lyd!